The Southern Voodoo Kitchen accepts phone orders!

Call (662) 487-7800

The Southern Voodoo Kitchen is located inside the Sardis Marina main building. Southern Voodoo Kitchen was born from one woman’s southern roots and a love for creole/Cajun cuisine.

30117 Blackjack Road
Sardis, MS 38666

Phone: (662) 487-7800

Business Hours:

We Accept:
Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or JCB
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** Menu and times subject to change. Please check the FaceBook page for accurate information.


Southern Voodoo Kitchen Breakfast Menu


Southern Voodoo Kitchen Appetizers Menu

Everyday Favorites

Southern Voodoo Kitchen Breakfast Menu


Cans of Soda
Large variety of soft drink brands to choose from.
Bottled Water
Ice Cold bottled water.
Several flavors to choose from
Bottled Lipton Tea
Refreshing Lipton Tea
Monster Energy
Need a pick-me-up? Grab a can of Monster Energy Drink!
Red Bull
Red Bull Energy Drink
Regular 12oz Can:$3.25      Sugar Free 8.4oz Can:$2.25
Starbucks Frappuccino
Delicious Chilled Coffee
Fresh Brewed Tea
Available Sweet or Unsweet


Bud Light
$3.00 per bottle
$3.00 per bottle
Coney Island Hard Root Beer
$5.00 per bottle
$4.25 per bottle
Fat Tire
$4.25 per bottle
$3.75 per bottle
Michelob Ultra
$3.00 per bottle
Miller High Life
$3.00 per bottle
Miller Lite
$3.00 per bottle
Ranger IPA
$4.25 per bottle
Shock Top
$4.25 per bottle

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